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Installing MAC PRINT DRIVER with your hp printer

Hp printers are the most popular printer used by people worldwide because of their brilliant performance and advanced technology.  Due to their advanced technology sometimes it becomes difficult to install the device with it. So today we are here to help you to install mac OS driver with Hp printers. After that, you are still facing problems connecting your MacOS driver with printer, so our smart and superb HP printer support team is here to help you get rid of all the problems related to it…


To install HP Printer Drivers in MacOS or OS X, you have to download HP printer driver through the Apple software update to create a new printer queue in it. Otherwise, you can go with our HP printer support.

  • STEP 1:- Go to APPLE menu, then click the SYSTEM PREFERENCES.
  • STEP 2:-Click print & fax, printer or scanner, print & scan. Depend upon your Operating system.
  • STEP 3:- Check your printer name display in macOS Printers If not then follows these steps to add your printer in the list.
    • To add your printer click on + SIGN.C lick adds PRINTER OR SCANNER, choose your printer name then continue for next step.
    • If your printer is not listed in the queue check wheatear your printer is connected with a Mac with USB cable.
  • STEP 4:- Close the System Preferences
  • STEP 5:- Try to print or scan with your Hp printer functionally.


You have to install the Mac Snow Leopard print driver and software using Apple Software Update.

  • STEP 1:- make sure your printer is supported
  • Before installing makes sure your printer is compatible with Mac OS X because newer versions of hp printers are not compatible with it.
  • If your printer is not supported:-Your printer is not compatible with so you can go with third-party drivers.
  • STEP 2:- Connect printer with your mac

For Apple Software Update your mac must be connected with the printer through network, wire, and you need an active internet connection.

  • STEP 3:- Add the printer in your printers list

Create a new printer queue in System preferences in your system.

  • Click the Apple menu, then in system preferences.
  • Click fax or print.
  • Check if the printer name is shown in the printers list if not then follow these steps.
  1. To add your printer click on + SIGN. Click adds PRINTER OR SCANNER, choose your printer name then continue for next step.
  2. If your printer is not listed in the Add Printer window, confirm that the printer is connected to the Mac with a USB cable, or that it is on the same wired or wireless network as your Mac.
  • STEP 4:- Click the print using the box, and then select the print button in the pop-up menu.
  • STEP 5:- Click the add button to add the printer in the list. Try to scan functionally.

If you are still unable to connect your HP printer with your MacOS, then contact us. Our executives are there to help you step by step by answering all your queries at Hp printer support centers.